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There's a lot of complexity in Digital Transformation. (SEA)results® is a service that gives you faster insight to action for less investment than traditional consulting methods.

We will provide you with our initial assessment, and give you some overall recommendations. If you are interested in receiving a more in-depth, detailed diagnostic or comparisons report, sign up for our (SEA)results® annual subscription.

The Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC) and Higher Digital collaborated to provide you a thought-provoking assessment, which will evaluate your institution's distance education effectiveness across multiple dimensions and provide immediate results. You will then have the unique opportunity to compare your results against the results of other schools and use this information to determine how to prioritize and plan for future improvement.

Confidentiality and integrity are critically important in this assessment. All responses are secured by Higher Digital and will remain confidential. In accordance with strict confidentiality provisions, neither DEAC nor third parties will ever have access to the assessment results for individual schools. To receive the greatest benefit from this process, please answer each question reflecting the current status of your institution. Selecting responses that are not realistic or that are aspirational will skew the assessment results and prevent you from obtaining meaningful, relevant feedback on where to improve.

About Our Assessments

Below you can learn more about the different assessments we offer to help you get started on your Digital Transformation journey.

Simplify your Digital Transformation:

  • Align Digital Transformation Risk Management strategies across the institution
  • Results are customized by role and filtered by institution size
  • Determine your Digital Transformation baseline across 3 dimentions (Organization, Operation, and Technology)
  • Benchmark your results across the industry
  • Build awareness of digital transformation effectiveness across the institution
  • Measure your progress

Simplify your security:

  • Align cybersecurity risk management strategies across the institution
  • Quickly prioritize your most important cybersecurity needs, allowing the institution to direct resources to mitigate risk
  • Support and simplify audit processes and compliance
  • Quickly measure the effectiveness of security operations, security awareness, and training among all stakeholders with our role-based assessment.
  • Determine your security baseline across 5 dimensions (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recovery)
  • Map your controls against multiple globally accepted standards of NIST and ISO Frameworks
  • Measure your progress

Simplify your Distance Education:

  • Determine your Distance Education baseline across 4 dimensions (Consumer Protection, Institutional Viability, Academic Quality, Technology Enterprise)
  • Map your results to DEAC national Accreditor standards
  • Identify and prioritize your distance accreditation risks
  • Build awareness of digital education effectiveness across the institution
  • Measure your progress

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